Kink and Shame – P62


You would never see someone back in the 1950’s dressed in leather and chains and being led on a leash down the street. Sexual desires, kinks, and fetishes have always been hidden behind closed doors. Back in time people were even punished criminally, and religiously for having a kink and fulfilling it.

Even though most is still not 100 percent accepted in society today, and still remain behind closed doors for the most part. Though I hate to admit it, books like Fifty Shades of Grey, though terrible as it is, and damning to the Kink community, has been well accepted among vanilla people. It has shined a light on this world, that is opening doors for people to be more widely accepted in the lifestyle.

I am not certain a hundred percent why it has remained so well hidden over the years. My theory is that most of the negative feedback on it has to stem from religion, which plays a huge part in our society has been shaped. Religion teaches us to be modest, and not seek out pleasure as a means to be happy. We are also taught in most religions that violence, desire, fantasies, are all forbidden and should never truly be acted upon.

Hell, even dreaming about it and thinking it is considered a sin!!!

Then you have people who are ashamed they won’t be accepted for who they are if people reveal their true selves. It is why we in the lifestyle, still want to be discreet, and not let people know what we enjoy doing. At least most of us hide. There are kinks I am very open about in my day to day life. Though I have a few that would make people gasp, and even some in the lifestyle as well, that I tend to keep to myself and only permit someone truly close to me, to know them.

So because of this, we inhibit ourselves to not be true to ourselves. We are conditioned over time while being raised to behave and think a certain way. Even now people are just starting to break gender roles. Homosexuality is now starting to be accepted. So why would anyone come out and openly say what kinks they are involved in?

Would you even come out to your family like you would if you were Gay?

How would you even do that? Hi mom and dad, I am into Gangbangs, just saying. laughs to me it is no one’s business anyway, but I don’t hide it all, all the time. My family knows I am into BDSM, they know I go to local BDSM clubs and dungeons. They know I am submissive and that my Spouse is my Dominant.

I do not wear my collar around the family. Though my sister in law does. She and my brother are also into the lifestyle. I choose not to do so in front of children. Our daughter knows about it as well, but we don’t exploit it in front of her. If she has questions we answer honestly and educate her. We don’t want her being raised under societies rules. We want her to be open and accepting of people.

Of course, these are just a small bit of my theories. I am a huge advocate for safety, within the world, not just our lifestyle. I know some people would hurt you if they knew things you were into. No one in my family, outside of those that live in my house know that I even have a little side.

Frankly, it is no one’s business and you don’t owe anyone by telling them about you either. If you prefer to keep your life a secret, do it. If that is what makes you happy. If you don’t want to live your life in secrecy then let others know. Don’t be upset if people don’t accept you for it though. Everyone has their qualms.

As long as you are happy, and you love and accept yourself, who cares what anyone else thinks?


Day Thirty of Little Space


I don’t like talking about myself all the time. Heck, I would rather focus on other things, but sometimes when I do write it is about me, and what makes me tick, or something that I have endured in my life.

I started this journey of blogging back in 2011. It feels like only yesterday. At first, it was just to post information so people can remain safe in the lifestyle. Once in a blue moon, I would write about things that frustrated me etc.

It was when a mentor told me I needed to be more personal that I started to write more from the heart, and more about myself. Who have known that my writing would have obtained over one thousand followers, and some who have grown into being friends.

However what some people don’t know is that I am a published poet, and I even have a book I wrote as a teen that was published. It has ONE copy, autographed by me, and the owner of it is my little sister. I wrote it for her tenth birthday.

I love to write and lately, I have been debating writing a new book. The topic I don’t know really, but if I take that step, I am hopeful it will be a success.

Day Twenty-Nine of Little Space

Day 29.jpg

I never truly ask for many things. It is part of my emotional side I guess. I never feel like I deserve to truly ask for things. Though there are things I want. Mostly just that my family is cared for, or our bills get paid. Etc.

If I had to choose right at this very moment what I want I suppose three things come to mind.

  • 1. Little stuff – toys, books, coloring stuff, snackies etc.
  • 2. A new collar.
  • 3. My kitty ears and tail.

Though they can wait. I am not a greedy person in this way. Especially since Christmas just passed and I did get many things I really wanted. Like new pink wrist cuffs, and the rings Daddy got me to bolt into the wall near the bed so I can be chained to it at night time. Like the Story of O.

I am a very blessed and loved Little Nugget.

Day Twenty-Eight of Little Space

Day 28.jpg

Gosh thinking about food right now has me starving. Though Dinner is currently in the oven, and the rest is being prepared. I love food. It is no surprise. I have always loved it. Though I am somewhat different. I am not after chocolate, heck I don’t even like chocolate. Very SMALL doses of it.

My favorite snacks are fruit. Grapes mostly, Bananas, Strawberries, and Pineapples. If I could have these all together on a tray I would be the happiest person in the entire world. If I don’t have these at hand, it falls down to Teddy Grahams or little fruit snacks.

I love everything fruity.

Day Twenty-Seven of Little Space

Day 27 (1)Day 27 (2)

I have never watched the amount of Television in my entire life than I do after being hurt at work. I cannot do a lot of what I used to, so Daddy and I spend a lot of time watching T.V. together.

So when it comes to a favorite television show character I was overwhelmed because I have so many favorite shows we enjoy watching. How can I choose just one favorite character? So I decided to list two favorite characters. One for normal television, and the second for like a cartoon character.

  • 1. Katie Otto from American Housewife.
  • 2. Rainbow Brite

I like Katie Otto because she is like me. Very opinionated, set in her ways and when she is wrong she admits it. Maybe not right away but she does eventually. Rainbow Brite has always been my childhood cartoon. I used to have everything decked out, and I wished they showed the cartoons on Hulu or something.

That way I can share it with my Daddy.

Day Twenty-Six of Little Space


So I think I am weird. I have noticed most littles like the Disney princesses, and princes. They are often their favorite characters. Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, etc. Although I love them all too, they are not my favorite.


OMG, bring on the derpy animals from Disney films. They are my favorite and I really believe they should have movies dedicated just to them. Everyone loved Moana, but all I cared about was Hei Hei.

Becky and Jarold from Finding Dory. OMG Yes, please. Who doesn’t like a derpy bird and seal? What about Scuttle from The Little Mermaid? He was my favorite character out of that movie. In fact, I want a Stuffy from each of them.


Day Twenty-Five of Little Space


My favorite video game is Halo. Halo one and Halo 2 only, however. Bungie kind of lost their minds after that, and they aren’t fun for me. I also like the Farcry series, and pretty much any FPS game that I can beat my friends at.

When it comes to board games I think my favorite is called Seven Deadly Sins. It is made for adults, it involves sometimes getting naked and what have you. You have to do things like pretend to be animals, sing, dance, swap clothes, etc.

Card games hands down is Cards against humanity. Bring it on, the more offensive the better.

Day Twenty-Four of Little Space


I never used to watch television until I got hurt. Now I spend my days doing chores for Daddy and watching Tv while I blog, and write. I know some people would say its the best life ever, being a housewife, or house little, but sometimes it gets to me. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really contribute anything, even if Daddy says I do.

So my television is mostly watching on Hulu.

I am huge into Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Goldbergs, I even watch Blackish even if the show is sometimes racist. I try to expand my purview. I am very open-minded, and though it sometimes bothers me, I don’t stress about it.

Korean Historical Dramas!!!

Those are my favorite shows. I have fallen in love with foreign shows and their stories. Empress Ki and Su Baek Hyang are my two favorite shows now. I could watch them over and over. There is also the Turkish show, Magnificent Dynasty, or the Chinese show Princess Wei Young. I simply adore all of it.


As a little when I am really into my little space, bring on those barbie cartoons, and little mermaid Disney cartoon series. They are some of my favorites.

Day Twenty-Three of Little Space

So I sometimes feel like I have a zoo in my house. As a little, I should be overjoyed to play every day with my little fur babies, but sometimes it gets to be too much.

  • We have three ferrets: Rodric, Cassia, and Draco.
  • We have two dogs: Toby and Tank
  • We have one kitten: Wednesday Adams.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love them all very much, but the cost to feed them, and cleaning up after them sometimes gets to me. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it and I might think about getting rid of them, but I don’t think my heart could ever part with them.

Day Twenty-Two of Little Space


So I know I am mostly a middle but there are sometimes when I feel younger. It is the main reason I don’t choose to identify with a little age. I am not even one for titling things. Especially in this lifestyle. I hate being conformed to one thing. It makes it so confining and restrictive.

So here I am, ALL sorts of things in this life. A middle/little without an age because sometimes it fluxes, and I just like the freedom of not having the outline. Let me play in the gray areas.